El emblemático Hotel Alpamayo Comfortable hizo oficial su cambio de nombre “HOTEL VALERY **”

La modificación se realizó por la razón que en la ciudad de Huaraz hay varios establecimientos con el mismo nombre con pocas variantes en sus nombres a consecuencia de este motivo muchos clientes no llegaban al establecimiento nuestro.

Porque el nombre (Hotel Valery):Por el legado del nombre es en honor a que la familia que fundo esta empresa(GRUPO ALPAMAYO PERU S.R.L) tiene su primera hijita con el nombre de Valery,y también en la ciudad de Huaraz no existen ningún establecimiento con este nombre entonces a si se puede conservar y mantener la marca sin confundir su público.
Nuestro Hotel está ubicado en la Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 477 – 2do piso Huaraz como referencia al “tienda de artefactos la Curacao” a 200 metros de la Plaza de Armas muy céntrico a todo.

* El 1 de enero del 2023, estaremos inaugurando nuestro nuevo establecimiento “VALERY HOSTEL” Ubicación Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 407 – 2do piso

The emblematic Hotel Alpamayo Comfortable made its name change to “HOTEL VALERY **” official

The modification was made for the reason that in the city of Huaraz there are several establishments with the same name with few variations in their names as a result of this reason many customers did not come to our establishment.

Why the name (Hotel Valery): PBecause the legacy of the name is in honor of the fact that the family that founded this company (GRUPO ALPAMAYO PERU S.R.L) has its first daughter named Valery , and also in the city of Huaraz there are no establishments with this name, then it is possible to preserve and maintain the brand without confusing its audience.
Our Hotel is located at Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 477 – 2nd floor Huaraz as a reference to the “Curacao artifacts store” 200 meters from the Plaza de Armas very central to everything.

* On January 1srt, 2023, we will be inaugurating our new establishment "VALERY HOSTEL" Location Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 407 – 2nd floor

Hotel Valery

Hotel Alpamayo Comfortable ⭐⭐⭐

Welcome to Hotel Alpamayo, we are your best option in Huaraz.

Bed, breakfast and best price for your stay in our city. The real traveler’s home & The best location in Huaraz.

The Hotel Alpamayo Comfortabe is an establishment that has the services that a guest needs: WIFI, Smart TV & Cable TV, well-equipped kitchen, spacious rooms and common areas to make your stay something very special. We are located 300 meters from the Plaza de Armas of Huaraz, in a very quiet neighbourhood, close to the main restaurants and 350 meters of supermarkets. We offer private and shared accommodation, all our rooms are carpeted and have private bathroom, WiFi internet, hot water 24 hrs. We also provide laundry service hiking, daily tours and equipment rental.

The prices are very reasonable, the staff are very friendly!


For your confort we offer Dorms and Private Rooms

Hotel Alpamayo Huaraz


Enjoy our spacious and warm commun area, newly renovated and now equipped with good internet wifi,, and a new kitchen at your disposal.


Our rooms are spacious and count with comfortable beds, wi-fi, private and shared bathroom and hot shower, the staff are very friendly, there's space for camping green area sep up your tent.


Reliability is our middle name and your safety is our priority. All the common areas are monitored by security cameras (cctv) and there are enough safety deposit boxes for every single guest.


You’ll taste our daily breakfast prepared with the most delicious and fresh ingredients Jo's style. Get good deals. Check our menu at your arrival.


All our rooms have accessible costs for travelers and, as we are located in the heart of the city, you will be able to save the daily taxi costs that you would spend if you stay around over the city.


Food, coffee-bar, wi-fi, private bathroom and hot shower, drinks happy hour, pick up from terminal free to the hostel, excursions, treks, climbs and entertainment, rental equipment, laundry and much more!.

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